Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision


Our Vision

“To raise boys and girls who shall be the cream of the nation’s intellectuals in a highly disciplined institution where Academic Excellence Prevails”

Our Mission

Our Mission

“To create an enabling and conducive environment that facilitates the quest for knowledge, skills and the development of good character”

Our Vision

COLLEGE ANTHEM We the students of FGC Ganye Firmly standing on the shepshi peak Marching forward shall the order be For we are determined to stand unchallenged With great zeal for knowledge To ever remain at the peak Our school has finally come to stay As a highly disciplined institution The centre of academic excellence The cream of the nation’s intellectuals Bound by the spirit of love and unity So shall we shine for all to see Almighty God unto you we pray Preserve our dear school, students and staff In the art of raising the total child In unity and faith, peace and progress To ever remain at the peak Always at the peak.

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